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Seven Types Of Sports Can Do With Family

Seven Types Of Sports Can Do With Family

Still, in the Christmas atmosphere, we spend family time to visit relatives house. But surely after moving the house for your visit and the family feel tired. Maybe by exercising together can restore stamina and refresh the body.

Sports with the family is a fun thing that can be done at the weekend or holiday time like this Lebaran holiday. In addition to improving body health, quality time with loved ones can also be obtained.

Types of sports that can be done also vary from free to which you need to spend, done indoors or in the open air very refreshing.

here are seven sports you can do with your family:

  1. Run or walk early

This sport is the easiest and most cost-effective sport as it can be done around the home complex or can be done in a park close to the area where you live available jogging track. If you have a pet dog, you can still take him to join the morning run together.

But if you want a different atmosphere, you can bring the family to run the morning together on the main road at a certain moment

  1. Cycling

Currently, cycling is starting to rage again and you can invite family to exercise by cycling together. Same with jogging, cycling can be done around the house or on the main road in the Car Free Day area.

  1. Swim

Swimming is fun when done with family. You can do this sport at a sports club near where you live or play at the waterpark which is certainly very interesting for children as well as parents because it has a variety of rides such as various forms of sliding, stream rides, wave pool, and much more.

  1. Play ball

Sports using balls like tennis, table tennis, basketball, soccer can also be done with the family. Even if basketball and soccer games are not done with the number of teams that should be but with just a hoot practice, dribbling basketball or hitching, kicking the ball can still be done. Who knows your children can one day become a professional player.

  1. Badminton with family

This sport is very popular in Indonesia and can be introduced to children from an early age. Playing badminton is excellent for dexterity as well as exercising the hands and feet muscles and training the concentration of the child.

  1. Outbound

Outbound games can be a fun option for exercising with the family because it can train muscles, balance the body and courage. Especially during childhood growth, it is good for them.

Various outbound activities that can be done such as climbing the net, climb the beam, past the high bridge, flying fox. Of course, make sure the minimum height and age for children before following this game.

  1. Sport in the studio gym

Now some studio gyms provide gymnastics classes for children. So parents can do sports with family in the gym studio. and no need to worry about leaving children in different places, because at the gym studio there is a special instructor for children with fun gymnastic presenting.

That’s seven sports you can do with your family. Are you ready to do sports with your family this weekend or holiday? Hopefully, these tips can help add health and closeness between your family.

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